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and artist/writer

"Spoken Word / Spoken Song" 

on kx@onelaguna in Laguna Beach

Hosted by JOHN GARDINER, Poet/Shakespearean Teacher, and POLINA HRYN, Artist/Writer/Promoter of The Arts, this talk show focuses on the deepest meanings of language in poems and songs.


Story telling preceded metrical forms in poetry, and it also preceded the addition of musical instruments to enrich songs. The original story tellers were the elders, shamans, and perhaps the best hunters in small clans of early humans.  The original "instrument" was the voice. These origins probably date back to the Pleistocene Epoch, if not earlier.


Our interests revolve around language that resonates, language that is "heightened." There is nothing wrong with the poems of Dr. Seuss, or with songs that have refrains like: Oh baby, oh baby, doo woppa doo bop, oh baby! They're fun, and they're part of our culture.


For our purposes, we'll delve into some great wordsmiths like Yeats, Neruda, Whitman, and occasionally Shakespeare. We'll also read Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen.Guests will include a wide variety of poets and singer/songwriters. We especially look forward to having younger musicians bring in their favorite lyrics from songs written recently.

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