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The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XX - 01/25/16


KayDee Kersten

Bobbie Oliver

& Claire Titelman


FUNNY GIRLS: stand-up comedian/writer/emcee/magician's assistant KAYDEE KERSTEN, comedian/writer/producer/comedy teacher BOBBIE OLIVER, and actor/writer/stand-up comedian CLAIRE TITELMAN! IT’S A LAUGHING MATTER!

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XIX - 01/18/16


Aryiel Hartman

Vladimir Sizov

& Strange Dave


Taking ENTERTAINMENT TO THE EXTREME with very skilled professionals ... Actor/Singer/Dancer/Model/Comedian ARYIEL HARTMAN! ... Actor/Stunt Man/Trapeze Artist/Gymnast/Bodybuilder VLADIMIR SIZOV! ... and Actor/Stunt Man/Fire Breather/Contortionist/Model DAVE SNYDER aka STRANGE DAVE! ENTERTAINMENT AT IT'S FINEST!

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XVIII - 01/11/16


Princess Frank

Brennan Keel-Cook

& Mana Afshar


Talking ENTERTAINMENT with Musician, Actor and Personality Princess Frank​! ... young award winning Actor Brennan Keel Cook​! ... and master Make-up artist Mana Afshar​!

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