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The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode II - 05/30/15

Jorg Dubin, Social Artist
Linnea Lenkus, Celebrity Photographer
Toni Czechorosky, Art Model / Muse

With some debating and some subtle intensity ... a PO-litical episode full of questions that need to be asked and some "stirring of the pot." Does the CREATIVE CULT with their broader vision have the ability to free humanity from the destructive spiral now being faced in our society? Or ... is the CREATIVES' only choice to conform and be a "cog in the machine" ... 

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode I - 05/23/15
Van Arno, Painter of LOUD
Jennifer Fabos Patton, GALLERY GIRLS
Marissa Gomez & Ghosts of Echo Park
    Princess Frank, Drums
    Reseda Wrigley Mickey, Keys

What a fun episode talking about the past and possible future of the ART WORLD, the UNDERGROUND RISING to the surface, drawing events - the HOTTEST SOCIAL SCENE TODAY, the collaboration of the CREATIVE CULT supporting the CREATIVE CAUSE and 2 LIVE PERFORMANCES in the studio by Marissa Gomez & the Ghosts of Echo Park! 

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