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The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XVI - 11/30/15


Noah Engh &

Jason Mezilis


Ragtime Duo NOAH ENGH & JASON MEZILIS introducing their new Ragtime Album and talking TRASH! And a beautifully orchestrated LIVE musical performance!


* The new CD is waiting for ya at!

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XV - 11/23/15


Alan Katz

Louie Metz

Marissa Gomez 

& Special Surprise Guest ...

Michelle Carr!


Artist Extraordinaire ALAN KATZ ... figurative painter of the disturbing and intriguing LOUIE METZ... sultry MARISSA GOMEZ of Jazz/Blues/Honky-Tonk band MARISSA GOMEZ & THE GHOSTS OF ECHO PARK ... and surprise guest … MICHELLE CARR of VELVET HAMMER BURLESQUE & JABBERJAW LOS ANGELES!

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XIV - 11/16/15


Adam Stone

Aeb Byrne aka AEB

Julie Belmont   


Spiritual & Imaginative Artist ADAM STONE, Quadruple Threat ... Songwriter / Vocalist / Instrumentalist / Performer AEB BYRNE aka AEB and Certified Holistic Creativity Coach / Author / Intuitive JULIE BELMONT … "Freeing the Muse" and discussing careers in creativity ... and how to accomplish THAT in today's environment ...

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