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The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XXVIII - 03/21/16


Ellyn Maybe

Robbie Fitzsimmons

& John Gardiner


Award-winning Poet ELLYN MAYBE and multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter ROBBIE FITZSIMMONS ... together creating the Poetry & Music Duo ELLYN & ROBBIE ... AND the brilliant Poet / Shakespearean Playboy THE JOHN GARDINER – a poetic Monday with the FUSION of POETRY & MUSIC.

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XXVII - 03/14/16


Alexey Steele

F Scott Hess

& Jorg Dubin


American painter of the Russian Representational School &  ALEXEY STEELE ... a conceptual artist who describes himself as a "reluctant realist" F SCOTT HESS ... and ... a portrait, figure & still-life painter with a mesmerizing, existential approach to formal portraiture that conveys a contemporary psychological edge JORG DUBIN … TALKING HIGH ART.

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode XXVI - 03/07/16


Victor Hugo Zayas

Sean Calen Blake

& Johnny Tarajosu


A Sculptor / Painter who balances Realism & Expressionism Victor Hugo Zayas ... an artist combining a graphic/urban aesthetic with environmental and existential themes Sean Calen Blake ... and an artist thriving to create visions of human unity aka HUMANITY ... Johnny Tarajosu.

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