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“Think of a world where the Creatives are at the top of the pyramid and the Logicals are the support system at the base.  Cream does rise to the top and is the crowning treasure of the milk.  The milk holds and supports the cream, perhaps sensing how precious it is.”

We are currently in a period of flux.  The world has been run systematically by the Logicals who are now scratching their heads trying to figure out why the template isn’t relevant anymore.  It’s the same formula.  They have dictated all of society through educational requirements and laws to conform to the template.  The government has taught society how to be logical and how to take orders.   

The Creatives have been pushed to the bottom of the food chain while greed and power has dominated our culture.  Large corporations, motivated by money, have set the rules in their favor with no thought of the ramifications.  The opposite of Creation is Destruction and that is where we are now.

We have been trained to do certain things in a certain way starting from grade school; however, the principles of being logical that once sustained us are no longer relevant.  Government and economics are now changing and society is breaking down.  Because of these global changes, we cannot continue to use the same tools and expect the same results just as we cannot use the same tools and expect different results.  It’s time for a complete “start over!”

Our training to live in a logical world has caused society to conform and follow.  We are the Sheeple and those who do not follow the set parameters are said to be criminals; but note, staying in this Sheeple-mode is now self-destructive.  The Sheeple will go down with the ship!   The Cream will rise to the top!

Remember, the greatest minds that rose to power, did so because of their creativity, because of their “outside thinking.”  Be inspired by them!  In this time of change, adaptation is necessary.  Erase the chalkboard.  Contemplate new things.  Tap into your imagination.  Focus on nurturing your Creative Side.  BE CREATIVE!

Polina Hryn July 15, 2013

The PO SHO hosted by Polina Hryn & co-host Dan Wood - Urban Art episode LXIX with Louis Masai

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Amazing art!

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