WET PUZZLE PIECE offers Full-Service Online Marketing to Elevate THE CREATIVE CULTURE.  Specializing in Social Media, Web Development, Content Creation, Published Editorials, & Live and Archived Broadcasts, WPP creates engaging and effective social media marketing campaigns via quantifiable marketing platforms.


In order to elevate a Creative, a presence needs to be established.  In the past, the first step was to get exposure via presence in an Art Gallery and Participation in Art Shows.  In our world today, artists can no longer rely entirely on physical locations to promote their work.  In the current technological age, most shopping and research is done via the internet, thus the first step is exposure via technology.   Art Galleries and Art Shows, that were once the most sought after exposure for an artist, no longer offer the platform that an artist needs to succeed.  Art shows that were once booming are now attended mostly by artists showing their work, with very few viewers.  It is imperative that a strong On-Line Presence is built first.  Shows then may be organized with the probability of a successful outcome.


Social Media is a start to building a client list of Buyers and Potential Buyers.  This list is crucial.  Though Social Media promotional posts may initiate only 3 likes/followers per day in the beginning, in a years time, that adds up to nearly 1,100 ... plus interest!  Exposure increases with every like/follow and instigates more likes/follows.


Wet Puzzle Piece not only “creates” and “promotes via” an online presence for the Creative, but also is able to elevate them via live and archived broadcasts.


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