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Be a featured guest on a LIVE episode of The PO SHO! This includes an archived show file and a 2-minute promo video of your creative work. EVERY ARTIST NEEDS THIS!
TradioV is a division of Zinna Media Group (ZMG), which currently reaches over 60 million people worldwide each month. The TradioV broadcast studio, located in Hollywood, CA, focuses on celebrity-driven long-form TV and Radio content, broadcast in HD across the internet. This cutting-edge broadcast network runs a lineup of celebrity hosts & guests including Dave Navarro, Gene Simons, Ozzy Osbourne, Sean Astin, Eric Roberts, E.D.I. Mean, Don Johnson, Alec Sulkin, Dr. Drew, James Marsden, Gabriel Byrne, Billy Idol, Kat Von D, Mark McGrath, Julian Lennon, Priscilla Presley, Melanie Griffith, Moby, Slim Jim Phantom and more!
This location enables Creatives to shine in a reputable and celebrity ridden studio right in the heart of Hollywood on a well-respected and entertaining show and recognizable brand.
SHOW THEM what you're all about ... LIVE! You WILL be seen!
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