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The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode LXXI - 05/22/17


Campfire Cassettes

CAMPFIRE CASSETTES, a 4 piece indie folk band that plays quick quirky songs ... darkly fun and insanely catchy! Lyrically fixated on the sex they aren't having, the drugs they aren't taking, and the murders they aren't committing.


Band Members:  Jonathan Buchanan / Angie Parrish / Bobby Woo / & Todd Daniels

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode LXX - 05/15/17

The PO SHO with Polina Hryn - Episode LXIX - 05/08/17


Louis Masai

DAN WOOD co-hosting an URBAN ART episode with British artist LOUIS MASAI … using the power of visual language by way of murals and the modern world of social networking to raise awareness of the endangerment of earthly creatures.


Tackling species extinction through art … in a BIG WAY!


Keli Raven

A SAG baby from NYC turned Music Man (in his first Rock and Roll band by age 7) ... moving to Los Angeles and side kickin' with LEMMY KILMISTER of Motörhead, "Bad Boyz 4 Life" ... Modern Erotica Rock musician causing CREATIVE CHAOS ... KELI RAVEN!




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